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June meeting recap - Flagstaff Celiac Support Group

About June meeting recap

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We welcomed two new members and a visitor from out of town, Lynn's daughter. We agreed to pursue the idea of asking grocery stores that stock gluten-free products if we can put up little notices on the shelves where the G-F products are informing shoppers of the existence of our group. We looked at two different notice samples and suggested some revisions. Jeanette will make the revisions and print a supply to bring to the next meeting.

Marc reported on the status of a dinner at Pesto Brothers. The owner would like to meet with a couple of us in advance. He also has asked if we can schedule our dinner early in the evening (be there at 5 p.m.) so that our meal can be the first prepared, significantly reducing the possibility of cross-contamination. Marc and Jeanette will meet with the owner prior to our next meeting and report back to the group. We're now looking at August for the dinner at Pesto Brothers.

Susanna said she would bring home made snack bars to the next meeting. Others are invited to bring goodies as well. Don't forget to bring copies of the recipe as well.
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